How Long Does Sea Turtles Living?

If you are looking for life expectancy of a turtle, you should be looking for different things. First and foremost you need to find out the species of your turtle. Some species live long in captivity while others can only be found in the wild, namely the Eastern Blue Turtle which is native to the Mississippi river and eastern Canada. The Eastern Blue has a record of living for over fifty years.

Caring for your turtles live will affect their life expectancy. In nature, these animals can get hurt or killed due to predators or just bad luck. These factors affect the way that these animals behave and the way that they live. Many turtles run away from their predators. This causes them to become disoriented and unable to keep themselves safe. In the wild, turtles run away from large predators to avoid being eaten by them. Click here best pet turtle for more information.

When a turtle runs away, it can be because of hunger, because of stress, or because they are sick. The best thing to do if you discover a sick or injured turtle is to contact a vet and have it examined. Once it is determined that the turtle is suffering from a problem, you should buy or catch the turtle and bring it to the vet where it will be properly treated. Most species of tortoise can live for up to twenty years in captivity.

Life expectancy for land turtles depends on a variety of factors such as the species, location and climate. Land turtles can live anywhere from two to fifteen years in the wild, but only ten years in the aquarium. Because land turtles are cold-blooded they must spend part of the year on the ocean and part in the land.

Box Turtles, also known as the Eastern Box Turtle, belongs to the families Alligator Snapping and Caramelian Tigersnake Family. Life expectancy for a box turtle can be greatly increased by buying a pet owner only one or two boxes. A single female box turtle can live up to thirty years in captivity. Box Turtles is very friendly and make great pets and companions. Many years ago, the Eastern Box Turtle was listed as one of the reptiles that should not eat meat. Today, Eastern Box Turtles remains meat eaters, however they will eat any types of reptile prey that is presented to them.

The lifespan of sea turtles varies based on many factors including species and habitat. Some sea turtles live for a few years and reproduce every few years, while others live for many years and only reproduce once or twice a year. Lifespan of male sea turtles is greatly increased when the male is allowed to mate with a female sea turtle. The lifespan of a male is often double that of a female.

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