The Slow Growth of Data Analytics in the Football

For these successful plays, he measured the point value of the play based on the starting and ending yard line. For example, 80-yard touchdown runs are worth more than 20-yard runs. You’re interested in how numbers can help you understand football. The course is also available in Spanish at I would be happy to pass on my knowledge and help you build your personal brand in the field through this workshop. Analyzing raw Football data and coming up with insightful conclusions through it is my area of expertise.

Data-driven detection of counter-pressing in professional football by Pascal Bauer and Gabriel Anzer. They use a simple Dickson-Coles method focusing on historic results going back 15 years to build an order of hierarchy amongst teams in leagues that might have never played each other. How Hoffenheim are helping to democratize tracking data by Training Ground Guru. Challenge used Last Row Tracking-like data kindly provided by Ricardo Tavares. Full a full list of entries, see David Sumpter’s Medium post, featuring the three eventual winners – Surya Kocherlakota, Theophane Gregoir and Paul Garnier, and Gabin Rolland (discussed on Friends of Tracking ).

While the use of data and technical analysis has become essential for today’s football clubs it is no longer confined to the bookies not on Gamstop teams. Smaller clubs are getting in on the action too, thanks to cheaper and more accessible software. Has been on a robust growth trajectory, both on and off the field. In 2021 they crowned BDFA Super Division League Champions and went on to defend their title with aplomb this year. The club has also garnered praise for its holistic vision of promoting the sport right from the grassroots. Today, data garnered from live tracking and eventing offers a deep insight into the individual players as well as overall team performance across various different aspects.

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Consultation for decision-making is indispensable in modern football. Driblab has collaborated with audio formats, written press or television. Enrich your content with data analytics and computer graphics that will set you apart from the rest of the media. With information from more than 180 professional tournaments and a solid experience in the industry, we can support broadcasts, reports or podcasts. The global sports analytics industry is expected to reach $3.4 billion by 2028, according to a 2021report from Research and Markets.

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