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Here is another myth about internet video games you should know. Not all online players are socially maladjusted misfits. Some players like online video games because they are fun to relieve boredom or stress from a real world. Others play online video games for social interaction with fellow like minded players.

When you first try a video game you can sometimes lose yourself in the fantasy world of your mind. You may be tempted to get involved in player wars or other such action packed online adventures. It is this type of mental engagement that can help a person overcome their social anxiety, especially when they are playing in the company of like minded people. If a person who is shy to some extent would play online video games, the situation would be much less traumatic. Learn more information about bandarqq.

The next myth is that playing online video games makes a person mentally weaker. While playing online video games you may be bombarded by all sorts of visual stimulation, sounds and smells. While you’re playing, you are surrounded by the thrill of fighting and winning against the computer. This creates a very unique sort of excitement and elation.

There is no denying that playing a video game will make you a stronger person. If you do not have any friends in real life, you can find your friends in a virtual one. Online gaming can provide the basic contact that helps people to connect emotionally.

Another popular myth is that online video games are too violent. While some online video games do feature very violent scenes, these are rare and far between. Most online video games are fairly tame and offer a lot of excitement and entertainment.

The final myth is that playing video online is unhealthy. While some people believe this, studies show that those who play online video games on a regular basis actually have lower blood pressure than those who don’t. Other research shows that online video games have a positive effect on memory, reasoning and even concentration.

Those who love to play online video games also find it very enjoyable. They don’t just want to play a video game to pass time or be with friends. Many people also enjoy playing online video games because they make great party games and can keep everyone in a group together for hours on end.

In summary, it’s clear that there are a number of myths out there about video online gaming that need to be busted. These myths are often promoted by those who want to keep things simple and boring. While it is true that a video game will certainly challenge you intellectually, it is not necessarily bad. as long as you can take your brain off the keyboard and let it wander.

Don’t let yourself get bogged down by those who claim that playing video games will do nothing but harm to your brain. In fact, a few hours spent playing online can do wonders for you mentally and physically. And if you take time to get to know your fellow online gamers, you might even find them to be quite interesting and a great source of fun.

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