From classic planters in metal and plastic to modern flower pots

Oval in shape, it comes with a short tripod stand that ensures that your plant stands out like a piece of art while… Refined and minimalistic, this gold planters stands from Westside Home will revive your modern interiors. Crafted from a metal substance with a hammered finish for added appeal, this conical-shaped design will make the perfect storehouse for your plants. Hang this bucket-style plant stands for balcony in your home and create a huge difference.

From classic planters in metal and plastic to modern flower pots, we have got it all! You can find decorative pots, designer flower pots, and similar showpieces which include hanging planters all at the click of a mouse. From natural colors to bright shades, we have plant holders in a variety of shades including vibrant tones such as purple, pink, red, and green. You would be spoilt for choice while deciding on one.

You can never go wrong with a touch of minimalism, no matter how modern or traditional your taste. We couldn’t think of a single legitimate reason our plants shouldn’t be displayed on the walls! So we came up with a beautiful solution that can ad… Add a simple yet elegant touch to your home with the Lazy Gardener premium mango wood table top planter.

This trio of gold pedestals will encourage you to buy more plants just to fill their surfaces. While these may cost a kidney, your plants will definitely feel more luxe living on these plinths. Put your greenery in the spotlight with these stylish pillars, plinths, and pedestals. Do you love plants so much that you wish you could add them to every nook and cranny of your home? You can’t go wrong with black and white and knotted right, or so we firmly beleaf!

Showcasing thick and natural-looking leaves for distinctive charm, it comes fixed in a classic black… Our macramé planters are designed to add a whimsical & bohemian touch to your space. This combo is a great way to style any place & add … This combo is a great way to style any place & add pla… Depending on the size of the planter, plants can easily be selected for it.

Remove the plastic vessel by dragging or opening it from the base of the plant. Then, gently tease the roots of the plants so that they can branch more easily in their new home. Kate McGregor is the Market Assistant for ELLE Decor covering all things home decor, design, and style. Showcase your plants in all the glitz and glamour they deserve with this gilded geometric stand. Flank an entry or doorway with these perfectly paired plant pedestals.

Spotlighting lanceolate leaves in a subtle green colour imbued with a hint of red for a dash of colourful charm, it sits atop… The faux plant features realistic leaves in shades of green and pink for added appeal and comes fixed into a pot covered with pebbles… Bringing a fresh and tropical feel to any interior, this artificial green rubber plant from Westside Home is the perfect indoor accessory for your home.

We’ve created it with shelves at different levels, so you can keep lots of plants in very little floor area. You can get creative and even turn it into a side table or use it to display other decor items! Just like the SALLADSKÅL, you can place your pots at three different positions. It functions as a handy coffee mug holder too if you place it next to your recliner or armchair. Try our SVARTPEPPAR range of plant stands & movers – hang them from your window sill or balcony rail and create a mini-nursery for your herbs and flowers. If you would love to add some greenery to your home but find yourself short of space, our plant stands & movers offer the perfect solution.

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