Advanced Hacks for Using Google Flights to Find Cheap Flights

All flights are listed on Google Flights this includes flights with 3 stopovers that take you to Portugal in 35 hours compared to a direct 7-hour flight. Personally, I’ve always used these Google Flights features to maximize my time at my destination by taking a flight that arrives in the morning and brings me home late in the evening. However, one checked bag changes the fare on the same flight to $419.

Search for tickets and book flights right from your phone – and you will spend less time, effort, and money finding the trip you dream about. When you track “Any dates,” you get an email when the route’s minimum price drops significantly over a month. If there isn’t a large enough price drop, you get a regular email with the best available flight prices. If the agent certifies that no rates are available for that day, there is no possibility to book those flights on those precise dates at the indicated cheap fare. As previously stated, the rate displayed on Google Flights is the airline’s list price.

You can select your preferred language from a dropdown menu and also customize your location and preferred currency for easy conversion. Frustratingly, if you are searching for flights from a different country, the prices will default to the currency of the country you are searching from, even if the flights do not touch that country. Below is an example of Google Flights’ handy historical price guide so you can have a good idea of whether the fare you have found is a low, high or standard price for flights on this route. I can see these flights were more than $800 just a week ago, and my $668 fare is considered “typical,” so I’m happy enough with that given how expensive airfare is generally right now. If you are willing to fly different airlines and add connections this can be true.

In the example below, I picked a long weekend in October and set my hometown of Austin as my departure airport. Instead of specifying a destination, I just left it open-ended 9although you can give Google a hint by typing “Europe” or “Caribbean” to narrow your search results to a specific region). Finally, this Travel button will suggest trips you might consider taking, based on upcoming trips you have booked or trips you’ve taken in the past. For example, if you’ve been to Melbourne, Australia before it may show options to visit Sydney, another popular Australian city.

Under Flexible Dates, you can search for a two-week trip in August. Under the tie-up, Google’s digital wallet platform Google Pay will onboard the startup Airbuy’s Spot platform as a micro app on which passengers can order from F&B outlets and book lounges at select airports. You could fly out of BWI to London the last week of September on the new, discount airline PLAY for $232 and then hitch a $38 flight to Santorini on Sept. 28 on EasyJet. Say you are flying out of New York and want to go somewhere in Europe for less than $200 one way.

Flights now appear to have much less impact on the environment than before. Shortly after the site launched, Expedia testified to the Senate Judiciary Antitrust Subcommittee that Google failed to keep a promise to rank Google Flight listings below the listings of competitors in a Google search. In April 2011, the United States Department of Justice Antitrust Division approved Google’s $700 million purchase of ITA Software.

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