We can then provide recommendations and install further security equipment where necessary. A security guard can serve as a witness to any and all criminal activity that takes place. It also aids law enforcement in finding perpetrators who break the law on the complex grounds. A professional residential security guard company is often regarded as an area’s first line of defense.

Let us know a bit about your security guard services needs, and we will let you know how we can meet those needs with our effective, reliable and affordable solutions. Phoenix Group has a close protection security team that are SIA trained and fully prepared for any eventuality that may occur. First and foremost, the main responsibility of a residential security team is to protect individuals and their property. This will require security operatives to remain vigilant, observant and be fully equipped to deal with any potential threats. “”Poundland arrest in Canterbury as security guards tackle suspected thief””.

We have been using Blackbird Security concierges for over 2 years at our building and I have nothing but great things to say about them. The residents have given us great feedback about the concierge personnel Blackbird has placed at the front desk and I would highly recommend this company to other stratas and property management companies. Our experienced security team members all offer an exceptional service which has helped us to grow a long-term client base. Our customers across the region continue to renew their contracts with us because they know that we provide the best possible service. Combine our qualified and well-training guards with our top-of-the-line technical security systems to help safeguard your residential property against theft.

There’s a comfort that comes from knowing your investment is protected, and we are committed to bringing you that peace of mind. Our guards work to serve you, quickly assess situations and take action in a way that does not disturb your day-to-day schedule. Security services aren’t offered at all residential complexes, so having surveillance or security guards available will make your complex stand out in a positive way. One such tool in their arsenal is the hiring of a professional residential security guard service. We offer armed or unarmed guards for short or long term assignments all across the United States.

Every new uniform design or addition must be approved by the Ministry of Justice before use. The only private security officers who are allowed to carry firearms are those who work for the military or Dutch National bank ; this is where the national gold reserve can be found. Security guards in the Netherlands can work for a specific security company or a security service within a company . Since 2018 the Security business in the Netherlands has seen a trend evolve where hospitality is being considered as a more prominent priority in Security services. Virginia – Since the 1980s, Security Officers in Virginia are required to be certified by DCJS .

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